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Counterfeit became very important problem especially for manufacturers. Brand manufacturers loose around 600 billion US dolars every year globally and it has inreased dramatically about 10.000% in the last 20 years. This corresponds to the highest increasing crime rate in the world. About 7% of the products, all over the world, are fake and this is a global threath for peoples’ security and health.

Counterfeit is also big headache for Turkey on oil, textile, food etc. We, as AKA BIOTECHNOLOGY LTD, have started an R&D Project in 2006 and developed the “DNA Code” . This Project has been granted by TÜBİTAK (Turkish Scientific and Technological Council) between July 2007 and December 2009. This product based on a DNA molecule which is the key element of life. In this Project, natural DNA is changed in structure and applied to a lubricant in which DNA can be detected even after the lubricant is physically or chemically treated such as mixed with other additives or burn in engine. DNACode can not be copied and DNACode is a unique marking system.

AKA BIOTECHNOLOGY LTD is always open minded for collaborations to adopt this product to different areas where counterfeit is problem. Hence, we may serve to people in a beter way where we have aimed before we start this Project.

How does "DNACode" work?

We are organised such a way that from production line to side analysis are under control.

The production step is summarized in the diagram below.


Where is DNACode used?

Marking Liquids:

  • Monitoring oil and oil products,
  • Monitoring dyes
  • Monitoring health and cosmetic products,
  • Monitoring food,
  • Monitoring petrochemical products,
  • Monitoring environment, i.e waste and water



Marking Solids:

  • Marking inks which is used on ticket, money and important documents,
  • Marking dyes which is used coverings, textile and art productins,
  • Marking solids directly which is used for microprocessor, credit cards etc.
  • Marking arm and explosives (for police and army usage),
  • Marking pharmaceuticals.







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